Welcome letter

Davor Miličić
Full Member of the Croatian Academy
President of the Croatian Cardiac Society

Dear colleagues,

The year 2020 has changed our lives dramatically. In spring, when we faced the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the world stopped, and so did our domestic and foreign gatherings. Early in the summer it seemed that the worst had passed, so we started planning our professional meetings, symposiums and congresses, as well as our central event organized every two years, the 13th Congress of the Croatian Cardiac Society. Already in August it became clear that the second pandemic wave would be worse than the first one and that we had to postpone all our gatherings to better times.
However, in spite of everything, our cardiology lives and makes progress, and we haven’t stopped our quite lively cooperation with the European Society of Cardiology and other international cardiology associations, with our colleagues and their teams in Europe and worldwide. Quite a successful communication through electronic channels has been established, including advisory board meetings, online seminars, and congresses too. The Croatian Cardiac Society has made excellent adjustments to new circumstances and during the past moths it held numerous virtual meetings on a wide range of topics and with exemplary attendance.

Since, unfortunately, our cardiology congress planned for December cannot be held in its previous form which involves gathering around one thousand participants – members of our society, foreign and domestic guests, we have decided to organize the 13th Congress of the Croatian Cardiac Society in a virtual form. As the 12th Congress was held in 2018, it was logical not to skip the two-year overview of the Croatian cardiology developments, but also to show important novelties in European and global cardiology. Of course, one of the topics will be special conditions of cardiovascular pathology in the coronavirus pandemic, both in general and in our specific circumstances.

The Congress will be organized in two parts, in December and in January, since participants will not be able to request paid leave. For this reason, the Congress will be held in afternoon hours. Also, as it is known that the attention span for virtual content is much lower than it is during classical congresses, this Congress will be structured around scientific sections with comments and discussions from invited lecturers on selected topics in cardiology, original communications as an equivalent of moderated poster sections, and sponsored content in the form of satellite symposiums or separate lectures. There will also be time and space for our sponsors’ virtual showrooms and advertisements.

It is a great honour that this year’s Congress will also be held under the auspices of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, that is the Academy Department of Medical Sciences.
I hereby invite you to actively join the Congress in large numbers, especially with your original communications that will be published on the electronic platform of the Congress and printed in the special edition of our journal Cardiologia Croatica.

With warm regards and best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

Davor Miličić, Full Member of the Croatian Academy
President of the Croatian Cardiac Society